Custom Orders

Custom Orders

Custom orders are a Mantra specialty, so if you don’t see what you want in Our Collection or elsewhere in the marketplace, we’d love to create a Chola Bronze just for you.

If what you want is in a museum, an auction house catalogue, or online, send us a link or photograph, and we’ll discuss how to re-create it. We have an extensive image library as well for fresh possibilities.

Shailja and I feel strongly that sacred art always deserves the finest craftsmanship and material. We feel substandard workmanship and material is disrespectful and inappropriate when re-creating Chola Bronzes. Our casting methods are state of the art, and although we prefer to use Everdur, a premium certified bronze alloy for our custom orders, you also have the option of true panchaloha or the traditional alloy formula used by the Chola bronzesmiths.

When casting and chasing your piece is complete, the final choice is patina.  As an alternative to waiting years for your patina to ripen naturally, we offer a broad spectrum of faux patinas. Our patineurs have the skill and experience to replicate almost any patina.


  • The initial quote is free of charge, however, we require a fifty percent deposit before the design process begins. Balance is due upon completion.
  • Design and casting may require 90 days or more, and you will receive regular updates throughout the process.
  • As an original work of art, a Mantra sculpture is free of US import duty, however, please check for possible future changes to customs duty for the USA or your country of residence.
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How Can We Help?

If you have any questions or comments we’d love to hear from you. Simply send an inquiry by filling out the form below, email us directly or or send us a note through the post; Mantra Sacred Sculpture, 132 Reid Road, Salt Spring Island, B.C., V8K 2J8, Canada. We will never share your contact information.

    Shailja and I appreciate the concerns you may have regarding the purchase of fine art online. Perhaps you will be more comfortable knowing we offer;

    • Guaranteed Satisfaction; If you are not completely satisfied, for whatever the reason, ship your purchase back to us and we’ll expedite a full refund.
    • Free Shipping and Insurance; We will pay your ground shipping to the United States and Canada.

    To ensure your sculpture arrives safely, we contract our packing and shipping to a sculptural art specialty firm.

    Original art is usually exempt from customs duties, but please check before placing your order for possible import surcharges.


    Pranapratishtha, The Consecration Ritual

    Pranapratishtha, The Consecration Ritual

    Many indignities will have been heaped upon your sculpture as part of its creation process and Pranapratishtha symbolically transitions your sculpture from lifeless metal to a sacred icon. When performed in a temple the rites are elaborate and lengthy, although we hope you find a simple home ritual will be sufficient.

    Your icon will arrive in synthetic packing material, wrapped in silk and its eyes covered. Natural silk forms a barrier between the image and its synthetic packing material, while a blindfold’s purpose will become clear later. As you unpack and install your piece, the ritual starts with performing puja, accompanied by a mantra such as the Gayatri (this particular version, performed by Deva Premal, is our personal favourite). In the spirit of ancient tradition, you may wish to treat your sculpture as an honoured guest arriving after a long journey, by offering refreshment and flowers after placing the image’s face towards the east, marking the sunrise. This could be followed by Nyasa, the touching of different parts of the image signifying the presence of various gods as sensory organs; Indra as hand, Brahma as heart, Surya as eyes, and so on, all accompanied by a mantra such as the Gayatri. The final ritual is chaksunmilan, the ‘opening of the eyes’ when you’ll remove the blindfold. Your sculpture is now considered consecrated.

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