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Shiva and Uma as Vrishabhavana

Shiva and Uma as The Divine Couple are Vrishabhavana. They were crafted by one of the last master craftsmen in south India and their aesthetic and technical quality is unsurpassed. In the fifteen or years since their creation, time has deepened their patina to a dark mahogany brown.

Vrishabhavana embodies the interdependent masculine and feminine principles of the cosmos, Purusha and Prakriti. Shiva acting alone may perform acts of cosmic significance protecting the world from evil, but only in the company of Uma is Shiva is empowered to bestow grace upon an individual. As Vrishabhavana, Shiva is dressed as a simple farmer, one leg crossed in front of the other (natavarasana), his right elbow resting on Nandi (missing), his bull vahana, or mount, while his left-hand gestures the easing of sorrow (katyavalambita). He wears a turban of serpents (sirastraka).

Uma stands with her hip to the side (tribhanga), her right hand holding a lotus (missing) in katakamudra, while her left arm gracefully hangs at her side (lolahastra). While elegant and extensive, Uma’s adornment (alankara), like her husband’s, is restrained.

Inquire about this beautiful pair of handmade, solid bronze 42″ and 32″ high Shiva and Uma statues.

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42″ / 32″  106 / 81 cm
119.93lb / 85.32lb   54.4 kg / 38.7 kg
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