Project Description

Krishna as Venugopala

Hindus consider Krishna their leader, hero, protector, philosopher, teacher and friend. Of all the Vishnu avatars he is the most popular and perhaps, of all Hindu gods, the one closest to the heart of the people. Krishna has influenced Indian thought, life and culture in myriad ways, affecting not only its religion and philosophy but also into its mysticism, literature, painting, sculpture, dance and music. For example, as the wise hero of the ancient epic The Mahabharata, he established the fundamental principles of practical Hinduism. Scholars accept the period between 3200 and 3100 BC as the period in which Krishna lived on earth.

Krishna was born mortal as the eighth incarnation of the god Vishnu. He is eternally a beautiful youth with an enchanting smile and glowing complexion the colour of new clouds, the embodiment of love and divine joy. Bewitching all who hear him, Krishna wears royal adornment (alankara) such as his gem-encrusted crown (kiritamukuta), a disc of white egret feathers (siraschakra) at the back of his neck and a flower garland around his neck, as he plays his flute (venu). His beautiful garments are the colour of lightning. In this aspect, he is known as Venugopala.

“Ornaments caress Krishna’s body, but his transcendental body is so beautiful that it beautifies the ornaments he wears. Therefore Krishna’s body is said to be the ornament of ornaments.”
Chaitanya Charitamrita, Madhya 21.105

Inquire about this beautiful, handmade, solid bronze, 28″ sculpture of Krishna. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Shipping and insurance are free of charge. 

28 in / 70 cm
35 lb / 16 kg