Project Description


Lakshmi is Goddess of Abundance and Good Fortune, who bestows her blessings according to karma and devotion. Wealth is essential to preserving life on earth and Lakshmi is its provider. She personifies not only riches, but beauty, grace, and charm. 

Lakshmi is a form of Shakti, the Mother Goddess, and consort to Vishnu. Whenever Vishnu incarnates on earth in human form, Lakshmi incarnates alongside, playing her part in restoring Dharma. When Vishnu incarnated as Rama she became Sita, and when Vishnu appeared as Krishna, his wife, Rukmini. When accompanying Vishnu she is shown with two hands, and when alone four, representing the four life-goals; righteousness (dharma), desires (kama), wealth – material or spiritual (artha), and liberation (moksha).

Lakshmi is particularly celebrated during the Diwali – the Festival of Light. According to tradition, people put small oil lamps outside their door on Diwali, guiding Lakshmi into their home to bless them with prosperity. 

Here Lakshmi is seated in the pose of royal ease (lalitasana) on the traditional seven petal lotus. She wears lavish adornment (alankara) befitting her status in the Hindu pantheon. Her crown is a bejewelled karandamukuta with a disc of egret feathers (siraschakra) at the back of her neck. She wears opulent jewellery of gold on her wrists, shoulders and ankles, and a breast band (kuchabanda). Her back two hands hold lotus buds (padma), and forward hands assure (abhayamudra) and bestow (varada) gestures. In this aspect, Lakshmi is known as Varalakshmi.

Inquire about this beautiful, handmade, solid bronze, 18″ sculpture of Lakshmi. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Shipping and insurance are free of charge. 

18 in / 46 cm
45.97 lbs / 20.85 kgs