Project Description

Shiva as Vinadhara

Vinadhara in Sanskrit translates as Vina Holder. In his role as Creator of Yoga and Lord of Meditation, Shiva created the first vina believing it would enrich humankind’s meditative experience, and indeed it’s music is said to resemble the sound of the human singing voice. It is believed the music of the vina will have a specific effect on the mind of the listener according to the time of day and their receptiveness. When sacred music stirs emotion, it is known as a raga. 

After hearing Shiva playing the vina for the first time, Saraswati created one of her own, the Saraswati Vina. To this day this vina is played exclusively by women and produces not only sharp and flat notes but also microtones. Microtones are so difficult to play they often take a lifetime to master. 

Here Shiva’s front hands are poised to play the vina (though as in most Vinadharas the vina is missing), while his rear hands hold a deer (mrga) representing the need for mindful gentleness in the world, and a parasu (axe) signifying the need to detach ourselves from the material world to enable closer ties to Shiva. 

Inquire about this beautiful, handmade, solid bronze 16″ high Shiva statue. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Shipping and insurance are free of charge. 

15 in / 38 cm
5.96 lb / 2.73 kg