Project Description

Ganesha as Ekadanta

It is said Ganesha can take a thousand forms and here he takes a form illustrating the origin story of why Ganesha has just one tusk.

The legend says the sage Vyasa asked Ganesha to transcribe the epic poem Mahabharata as he dictated it to him. Ganesha agreed, but only on condition Vyasa recite the epic without interruption. The sage, in turn, posed a condition that Ganesha would not only have to write, but understand everything that he heard before writing it down. The dictation began, but in the rush of writing, Ganesha’s quill broke. He broke off a tusk and used it as a pen so the transcription would proceed uninterrupted, and permitting Ganesha to keep his word.

Here Ganesha is standing in the posture of tribhanga, his focus entirely on taking dictation from Vyasa. In Ganesha’s Ekadanta form the sole purpose is to tell a simple story, therefore, a wealth of symbology is not present. Ganesha as Ekadanta shows no other attributes other than his tusk-pen and a writing tablet in his hands.

Inquire about this beautiful, handmade, solid bronze 12″ Ganesha statue. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Shipping and insurance are free of charge. 

12 in / 30 cm
8.5 lbs / 3.8 kg