Project Description

Temple Dancer

Until as recently as thirty years ago young girls, known as devadasi, would dedicate their lives to temple service where, in addition to temple housekeeping and performing rituals, they would be taught classical dance (Bharatanatyam) and hymns of praise so essential to daily temple worship. In turn, the role offered devadasis a boost in both social status and quality marriage prospects.

In the 19th century, British reformists began a campaign to abolish the devadasi tradition on the grounds it somehow encouraged prostitution. Eventually, the moralists prevailed, and in 1988 the devadasi system was outlawed. Though it remains unlawful to perform in temples, in recent years Bharatanatyam has enjoyed a renaissance in south India as the beauty and grace of this ancient dance form is being re-discovered as popular entertainment.

Devadasi is a young woman at the height of her loveliness shown in a classical dance position, her flower garland swaying as she moves, her left hand lightly holding her long braid.

Inquire about this beautiful, handmade, solid bronze, 18″ sculpture of a temple dancer. Satisfaction is guaranteed. Shipping and insurance are free of charge. 

18 in / 46 cm
10.25 lb / 4.65 kg